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Never forget to take your vitamins and pills.

600 mL Plastic Water Bottle with Daily Pill Box Organizer ...

Pack your pills in your water bottle. This pill organiser bottle has a 7-compartments pill box built into it, so you always have water when it's time to take your pills. The limiters on the side prop it up, so you can load up your supplies for the week, and top lid doubles as a portable water cup.

This water bottle pill holder seamlessly combines 2 things that belong together. Thanks to its clever design, you will always have water when taking your daily medications and vitamins.

Not only is there a removable seven compartment pill box embedded into the bottle, there is also a tiny built in peg to stop the bottle from rolling while loading the pills for the week. And the wide mouth top is perfect for drinking.


  • Great way to take your vitamins or medicine on the go.
  • There are 7 pill boxes on the bottle which can carry some pills if necessary.
  • Good for hiking or outdoor camping and so on
  • Limiters do not allow bottle to roll
  • Screw top lid doubles as a portable water cup
  • New material Eco-friendly storage with BPA-Free
  • Impact-resistance plastic construction


  • Material: PP+PC (BPA FREE)
  • Gross Weight(about) : 150g
  • Capacity: 600ml
  • Size(about): 8cm x23.5cm