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Ran out of space to stock the leftover food yet again? And have you been looking for a more convenient way to store the half-eaten bag of snacks without letting them become soggy and stale?

Now prevent your favorite bag of crisps from getting moist and clammy with our Mini Food Sealing Machine. It is a plastic sealing equipment that uses heating technology to seal any plastic bag and prevents moisture from entering.

By creating an airtight seal for your opened snack and food packaging, this mini heat sealer helps in keeping your food from being exposed to dust, bacteria, and oxidation thus keeping it fresh, crisp and prevent it from spilling out.

Simply slide the equipment across the plastic and it will lock in the freshness and flavor of your favorite snacks. It is also ideal for storing all kinds of food in any zip lock packets whether they are non-seasonal fruits or homemade chicken wings.

Unlike regular, bulky sealing machines, this mini sealing machine is compact, lightweight and equipped with a magnet on its surface so you can easily hang it on your refrigerator without having to worry about storage space. 

  • No more wastage: You no longer have to worry about throwing away the leftover food when you were not able to finish it off. Simply seal the food in its original packaging or in other storing packets, and keep your snack fresh and crunchy for a longer time period. This will also save a lot of the money that you spend on food only to find out they have gone bad.
    Now you can enjoy your favorite snacks whenever you want.
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  • Easy to Use: The MIni Food Sealing Machine runs on AA batteries and is easy to use. It is equipped with double heating wires and a protective lid that covers the heating coil when it is not being used. Simply remove the protective cover and press the equipment down for at least five seconds to get the heat generated properly. After that, you can easily slide it across the plastic and seal it up tightly.
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  • Saves you Space and Time: Gone will be the days when you deliberately had to make room in your storing shelf and refrigerator for all the food that wasn’t used. Simply seal the packets within a few seconds using this mini sealing machine and keep them wherever you want. This will not just save you a lot of space but it also takes lesser time than emptying the contents into different containers.
  • Portable: Our sealing machine is as handy as it comes. Whether you have to re-pack a bag of peanuts in office or pack up lunch for your kid, you can carry this equipment wherever you want.
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