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Easy-Lifter Mattress Riser

Easy-Lifter Mattress Riser

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Make changing sheets a lot easier even under a heavier california king bed with this easy-lifter mattress riser! 

This tool is designed in an inclined wedge which enables it to separate the bed and box spring while keeping it in a 3-5 in high lifted position. Allowing you to easily remove, change and fix your linens on your mattress in a breeze anytime. Saving you from the inconvenience of repeated heavy lifting and prolonged bending as you make the bed. The mattress lifter also helps in eliminating strains and stress from your back, shoulders, hands and neck each time you change sheets. What’s more? It has a flat, smooth end so you can push it in and tuck covers deeper from all sides for a tightened, wrinkle free finish. 

The bed tucker wedge offers an ergonomic handheld port which allows it to be gripped securely at a safe, natural wrist position. It does not consist of any harmful edges or surface so it can confidently slip through bed corners and lift without snagging the fabrics. Moreover, this easy-lifter bed helper is lightweight so you can always easily and quickly tuck in and fix mattresses anytime, anywhere. Suitable for changing bed sheets at home or in hotels, apartments, dormitories and more possibilities. 

Never lift a mattress again when removing or changing covers using this easy-lifter mattress riser!  


  • Quick and Easy Bed Making
    A genius mattress helper tool that can be slid effortlessly at the bottom of your bed cushion to give it a perfect lifting. Allowing you to neatly tuck in your bed sheets with ease to make changing and removing a breeze. Saving you from the inconvenience of lifting your mattress by hand and haphazardly slipping in your linens with the other hand. You can even use two tucker wedges and place them on both bed edges to make mattress making even much easier and faster. It is also ideal for encouraging your child to learn how to change and fix bed independently.   

  • Flawless Tucking
    This easy-lifter tool features a smart wedge inclined shape that enables it to separate and raise the bed up the more you push it in. It also offers a flat, smooth end which can let you quickly fix and tuck in bed covers on the corners and edges as you wake up. Simply press the wedge tool in your bed edges to push the linens that got untucked through the night. Providing you a tightened, tidy bed without the awkward wrinkles and untangled duvets every morning.

  • No More Back Pain
    The mattress finishing elevator not only helps you tucks bed in a minute or less, but it also prevents you from bending over for a prolonged period. It alleviates the strains and fatigue from your back and the excess pressure on your hands and shoulders from repeated lifting while making the bed. Making it a great assistant for everyone, especially for elderly, children and those experiencing chronic back pain or injury.   

  • Ergonomic Design
    This bed sheet tucker wedge is designed with a large, non-slip handheld portthat can be grip securely even by a kid's little hands. No worries as it does not contain any harmful materials or edges that might snag your fabrics or scratch the hands. It can be safely used for fixing and tucking in different bed sheet types on your bed, including linens, silk, cottons, duvets, microbier and such. Moreover, the bed lifter wedge is lightweight and compact so it can be carried anytime, anywhere with ease.Perfect for at home use, hotels, dormitories, apartments, and more possibilities. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic PP plastic materials that boast an excellent durability and long-lasting performance. It can lift heavier mattresses for an extended time without deforming or breaking. What’s more? This sheet fixer can smoothly slip in the edge of the bed unlike other products where you still need to lift the mattress for them to be placed.

  • Material: PP
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Easy-Lifter Mattress Riser