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Crystal Hair Eraser

Crystal Hair Eraser

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Crystal Hair Eraser

This hair removal tool is made of high-quality plastic & nano glass material, it has a smooth surface and it's safe and reliable to use.

So, say goodbye to traditional hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing, it's so simple and convenient to use, and suitable for all skin types.

Say HELLO! to smooth and silky skin...did we mention it also acts as an exfoliator?

So, when you rub the nano-glass material against your skin, its also picking up all the dead skin cells trapped, revealing your baby soft skin hiding underneath.


Suitable for hair removal on all skin types all over the body, including arms, legs, back and chest. Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.

No more razor burns, bumps or strawberry legs, just smooth skin. It also acts as an exfoliator, as when you rub the nano-glass on your skin, dead skin cells are also removed, similar to that of waxing...but without the excruciating pain. So you end up with extra soft skin as well as being hair free!

Small and compact, it's easy to carry. It won't take up much space in a bag or suitcase when traveling.

It measures just, 10.7 x 6.5 x 3cm, small enough for a small handbag.


Can be used with water (we recommend this), so perfect when you're in the bath or shower. Or if you like, watching tv...Just rub in a circular motion onto the area where you want to remove the hair, and keep rubbing until all hair is gone.

Make sure you try on a small area first, and we don't recommend that it's used on your face or any particularly sensitive areas. It is perfect for large areas such as legs, arms, back, chest and stomach.