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Did you know that using a cotton swab can push the wax in and can block the ear canal, leading to hearing loss or, if you push it further, rupture of the eardrum.

Clean your ears safely and comfortably 
With EAR WAX REMOVER VACUUM you won't have to take so much risk to get rid of that annoyance that we sometimes feel in our ear when it is full of wax

High Efficiency

Thanks to the project designed with so much effort by specialists, a product was made capable of eliminating the usual problems caused by accumulations of wax without harming users . The strong suction causes the object to vibrate and gently aspirate the particles and moisture from the ear.

Guaranteed Security 

The EAR WAX REMOVER VACUUM is made of BPA-free plastic, with the tube that attaches to the ear designed to fit smoothly and accurately in any size of holes. The length of the wiper tube is safe for any ear, whether for adults or children and the power of the vacuum can capture ear wax easily. It is perfectly safe for your ear and you can clean it anywhere after use.