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Lazy Desktop & Wall Bracket

Lazy Desktop & Wall Bracket


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This amazing Lazy Desktop & Wall Bracket could free your hands and reduce neck pain! Perfect for bedroom, kitchen, and office!

Main Features
BOTH FOR MOBILE PHONE & TABLET – Works as both cell phone holder and tablet holder. You can change the adapter to meet your needs. It is a universal mobile phone stand, compatible with all sizes of phones and iPad from 16cm(minimum) to 26cm (maximum) Wide.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - You can strap it around your neck, you can wrap it around your car or bicycle steering wheel, you can put it on the ground or bed, you can do anything with it, just get your imagination started.

FLEXIBLE & ADJUSTABLE HOLDER - 360-degree rotating phone case, free to adjust to any angle as you like for convenient and comfortable viewing; strong and bendy arms secure your smartphone to prevent falling and for moving around.

Package Contents:
1x  Lazy Desktop & Wall Bracket